Wednesday, May 26, 2010

10/27/2005 Archived dreams from my old dream diary

Heidi (a friend of mine at the time) and I had an apartment on the UNH campus, but we didn't go to UNH. Amanda (another friend) came over and we were having some kind of party. We went into someone's bedroom, which seemed to be the main hangout room. There was a professor playing video games, so no one could drink yet. It was the beginning of the semester and the teachers were still trying to catch partiers. This professor thought she was being sneaky by "hanging out with us", but we knew what she was up to. I went across the hall into my room to make sure no one was bunking up in my bed. There was a guy laying in it. In the dream I knew him. He told me he was really sick. He kept gagging/dry heaving.

Suddenly, we were in an office in white, comfy chairs looking at a receptionist.

"Try this number" he said and she dialed. After a few seconds she shook her head. She tried a couple more for him and then turned around in her swivel chair and continued with her own phone calls. He asked to use my cell phone and I gave it to him.

We were back in my room but the bed was now a couch. "Actually, I feel a lot better. If you don't mind, I'll just crash here tonight and rest up", he said. Then we started making out. A few minutes later, he got up and started turning on lights. "What are you doing?" I asked. "No, you'll like this. This is good." He went around the room and turned on all the lights and then the t.v. He stood by the couch and watched. So I sat up and watched too. Then it got really loud outside.

I could hear fighter planes overhead and a loudspeaker. We looked out the big window, which changed to my room having no walls or ceiling. Two giant tanks were rolling up the street right at my apartment. There were guys with small cannon looking things sitting on them. One of the men was wearing some kind of turban and I got the feeling they were not on "our side". The tank stopped about a hundred feet from us. The men were looking right at us. They counted off and fired their weapon. A steel ball the size of a candle pin bowling ball shot out and landed across the street. Then another one farther down the street. I braced myself for the explosion, I didn't know how powerful they were, but it blew up only the house it fell near.

I scrambled around trying to figure out what to do. The boy I was with just sat there, not really caring. Something brushed up against my foot. I looked down to see one of those balls sitting there. I started to run, but the kid just sat there. He picked up the ball and studied it. I ran back, grabbed it out of his hand and threw it up the street. The bomb exploded right as it hit the ground. The kid wasn't budging. So I grabbed my bag and jacket and ran up the street. When I looked back, a bomb had fallen in his lap.

I turned and ran.

I was running past a house when I looked down and saw a ring of keys. I looked around but there was no car parked to match. There was only a large wooden desk. I went over and studied it. There just happened to be a hole for the key. I sat down on the bench (it was shaped much like a wooden piano) and put the key in. The desk took off and I was driving down the street.

Time passed and somehow, I had been captured. I was thrown (literally) into a giant room with people sitting in chairs all along the wall, a few groups on the floor. Every couple of prisoners there was a man from the "other side" monitoring. I sat down in an open seat next to one that looked just like Johnny Chrome (a bearded, tattooed biker I used to work at the Harley dealership). He also kind of reminded me of this guy.

Yeah. Rupert from Survivor.

And he was wearing a Viking hat. I could see him eyeing my arm, so we started talking about tattoos. He was really nice and talked just like Johnnie. I asked him what all this was about and he said we were all going to be their slaves. I couldn't picture Johnnie hurting anyone. I asked if I could be one of his, but he said it wasn't up to him. I realized I had to get away.

They were bringing us somewhere. I was in a car with a couple other prisoners. We stopped for a minute and I saw my chance. I dashed out of the car and ran into some thick woods. After running for awhile, I looked back but no one was chasing me. I came to a dirt road and an old wagon cart was coming with one of the viking type guys steering it. I ducked behind a bush until it passed and then jumped on the back and rode it for awhile. The road started to veer off and I could see a huge field with a main road at the far side of it and another dirt road going up the side (this spot appears over and over in my dreams and I actually found an area in Mass that looks just like it). The field and the dirt road looked familiar, like it led up to the apartments. So I jumped off the cart and ducked nehind something and then sneaked my way through the woods toward the field.

I was eating a bagel with strawberry cream cheese.

As I got closer to the field, I came to a few scattered kids, ducking low. I was so excited, I dropped the other half of my bagel and ran toward them. We made a plan to escape and I ran back to get my bagel, but the kid grabbed my arm and we started running toward the dirt road.

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