Thursday, May 27, 2010

12/11/2008 Prosthetic Legs

My mom and I were sitting on couches, opposite each other. When I tried to stand up, my legs buckled. My legs were killing me. Waves of tingling went up and down them and when we looked down, they were all white and puffy from my knees down. The pain was EXCRUTIATING.

After a really long time, the dream moved on to me stopping on the side of the road because there was a car crash and a bunch of people had gathered there. I started talking to this girl who told me she had prosthetic legs, which she made me feel.

When she pulled up a pant leg to show me, I noticed they had fake hair coming out of little holes in the prosthetic. I asked her what the hell the point of that was.

I told her how weird it was about my legs hurting and not being able to stand. They felt better but were still really sore.

When I woke up from the dream, my legs actually were REALLY sore. I was also soaked with sweat but only from the waist down. But soaked to the point where I checked to make sure I hadn't wet the bed. And sore to the point of having to take three tylenol.

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