Thursday, July 8, 2010


Alright so I haven't exactly been very committed to this blog, but I'll be honest, trying to remember your dreams long enough to write a blog about it is a pain in the ass. And frankly, the amount of people I believe are out there that would actually give a whirl about what some stranger dreams about is hardly a motivating factor. I decided to just settle for a little recap of what I can remember since the last time I wrote.

One little flash snippet that pops into my mind is a pair of fuzzy feet hanging down from a ceiling. You know like mascots? Well, picture one coming down a little too hard on a slam dunk in the apartment above you and his legs and feet crashing holes in your ceiling.

No bananas for you Kong, until you fix those holes in my ceiling.

I also remember one about working an event in NY, similiar to an event I worked at the Otesaga hotel in Cooperstown. I was sitting outside at a table by myself reading and smoking two cigarettes at a time, one in each hand (I quit smoking about a month ago and have been dreaming about smokey treats ever since). The next thing I knew, a large tattooed man pulled me aside and said that we needed to have a talk. He brought me into my hotel room and explained that I couldn't roll with his gang if I were a smoker. But all I kept saying as he tried to intimidate me was "PLEASE DON'T TELL BRAD I WAS SMOKING!!!" (my boyfriend who quit a couple weeks before I did). I remember I was by myself at the hotel because everyone else had gone to see a pro baseball game that was going on in town. Everyone that had stayed behind at the hotel had the game on so I sat watching it. In every shot they showed, Ashleigh's head popped up in the background. If they showed the bench of players, she was walking right behind them to get back to her seat, if they showed the crowd, she was in it. In order to understand the irony of this, you would have to know Ashleigh ("Utah"). Utah is my director, best friend, and often works events with me. She is also pretty well known for hopping in the background of every picture she sees being taken and making a weird face. I often wonder how many people out there have pictures with her mug in it that never even notice.

She also almost always "holds her lapels" when her picture is purposely being taken. It drives most people nuts because it looks ridiculous, but I love it.

I think that's about all the time we have for today, because to be honest, this is boring the hell out of me. But I hope even though the content sort of sucked, you enjoyed the pictures. I also hope that when you get done reading this, you check all of your pictures to see if Utah is in them.

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